Etsy Tips: Using Keywords in Item Titles

Effective Etsy listing titles using keywords are crucial to getting your items found. This is one big way that shoppers find your store via Etsy, Google, and other search engines. Keyword SEO might seem daunting, but once you learn the basics it becomes second nature. Here are some Etsy tips to improve your item titles using keywords:

Research the Best Keywords for Your Item

Keywords are terms that describe your item, including the material, color, style, age, upcoming holidays, your shop name, and any other properties that a shopper would use to describe your listing. There are several ways of finding and using keywords in your item titles:

        1. Google Adwords keyword tool

This article on keyword selection shows you how to use Adwords to find keywords for your items. Make sure to stay away from terms with too high or too low of a search volume.

          2. Etsy’s search bar

An easy way to find keyword phrases is the search bar on Etsy’s front page. The drop down box will auto-populate with common search terms that Etsy customers are already using, and you can use these as title keywords! Type a keyword into the search bar to see suggestions:

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For example, I want to create a title for a black acrylic raven necklace that I laser-cut. So I entered “raven” and then a space, and these terms popped up. Use a few of these keyword phrases in titles and tags — “raven jewelry” and “raven necklace” are a great start. Also search with other keywords and phrases, like “bird,” “bird necklace,” “crow,” and “acrylic,” to find more ideas.

          3. Comparative research

Research how other successful sellers are titling their items, and how they vary titles for similar items using keywords. You want to find what is right for your shop and what makes it unique, though, so don’t copy exact titles and descriptions from other shops.

Make the First Three Words Count, and Repeat Them

The first three words of your title are the most important for Etsy SEO. All of your title holds weight, but the first three words should reflect the best terms that describe your item. To maximize your SEO, repeat the first three words of the title in the first sentence of your item’s description AND in your item’s tags (if they fit). Then create “keyword phrases” (two- to three-word sayings using keywords) to use in titles and tags.

For example, if the listing title is “Orange Raven Necklace - Halloween Limited Edition Crow Bird Jewelry,” the first sentence of the description could begin with “This orange raven necklace is a Halloween limited edition….” Try to repeat at least the first three words while sounding natural and informative.

Vary Your Titles

Google doesn’t like it when you have too much repetition in your listings. These Etsy tips will be of no use if Google thinks you are a “bot” and lowers your search ranking. It’s crucial to use different titles for products that are very similar. It may seem strange to name items differently when they're identical except for their color or another detail, but it’s essential to building good SEO. Tweaking item titles occasionally can also help improve your Google search ranking. And always make sure you are using keywords that actually reflect your work, and not just random words, to get found.

For example, I have black, white, and orange raven necklaces in my shop, but I wouldn’t title every listing as [color of item] Raven Necklace or Acrylic Raven Necklace. Instead, the titles are:

Raven Necklace - Black Crow Bird by purpleandlime
Crow Raven Necklace - White Acrylic Bird Jewelry
Bird Crow Pink Necklace - Limited Edition Raven Lasercut Acrylic
Orange Raven Necklace - Halloween Limited Edition Crow Bird Jewelry

Use Proper Spacing and Punctuation

After putting effort into making awesome titles, be sure that you have search engine-friendly punctuation. It’s best to put spaces before and after dashes (-) or to use commas, as Google doesn’t include them. Additionally, do not use more than three words written in all capital letters in your item titles and stay under the 140-character limit. You can preview how your title will look on Google right on the listing edit page! Etsy has more specific info about which symbols are permitted in titles in this help article.

With practice, these Etsy tips can help you increase views and sales — simply by using keywords!

Rebecca George is a certified Etsy educator and owner of women's fashion and accessory company Purple and Lime.

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