Selling at Fairs and Festivals

We'll help you succeed when selling at craft shows, whether it's your first time exhibiting or you have hundreds of craft fairs under your belt. The DIY display ideas will turn your booth into the snazziest spot at the show. We share tips on everything — from rocking your next show application to choosing the right event — to make selling at fairs both lucrative and fun.

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Spring Cleaning: How to Run a Craft Castoffs Sale

Winter is over. It’s time to open the windows, clear out the clutter and start fresh. Let’s begin with your craft room / space / desk / corner of the dining room. Do you have supplies you don’t need? Items you bought for a project you’ll never get to? Leftovers from a project you won’t make again? Dried up paints, too small fabric bits, and broken objects? No? Really? Look again.
Craft Show Checklist

Craft Show Checklist

We know that selling at craft shows is a lot of work...and you need to bring a LOT of stuff!

Just so you don't forget anything, we've whipped up a handy list of the essentials for success, including those "just in case" emergancy items. You can download IndieMade's Craft Show Checklist at the bottom of this post.

If you have your own must-bring item I hope you share it with us in the comments :)

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2015 Craft Fair and Art Show Resource Guide

When you have an IndieMade store, you’ve opened your doors to the world. So why would you want to spend the time and effort to sell your wares at a small, local craft fair? There are a number of reasons starting with; it’s good to get out. I know, that makes me sound like a nagging mom (Turn off that TV and go outside and play!), but it’s true. As creatives, we have a tendency to huddle in our workrooms with Facebook as our only link to what’s happening in the world. That’s good for productivity but not good for you as a person, or a business owner.
Get tips on how your display at a craft show can support your online store.

5 Ways to Use Your Online Store at a Craft Show

Making the most out of opportunity is one of the cornerstones of being a small business owner. When time and budgets are tight, every minute counts. Getting on the craft show circuit is a great way to spread brand awareness about your craft business, but with a lot of time and energy being spent on production and preparation, it’s essential to be deliberate about what you want to gain from each show. Gaining a customer following at shows is great, but the key is to convert them into online shoppers.


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