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An artist blog is a great way to get the word out about your handmade products. A blog provides customers a glimpse into your life and helps them feel a personal connection to your work. Learn how to create a blog and create meaningful content. Tips shared here will help keep your artist blog interesting, fresh, and full of engaging posts.

Four-leaf clover

What's Luck Got to Do With It

That’s the trouble with the word “luck”, it implies you didn’t do anything to get the reward; it just came to you. It’s insulting, when you know you’ve put in hours of time and every bit of brainpower and passion you had to launch that jewelry line or get accepted into that gallery show. The truth is, most successful people work to get what they get even if, from the outside, it seems like they made a wish and it came true.
Create a Better Creative Business

Build a Better Handmade Business Course

Since IndieMade has a great number of handmade artist business owners, I thought I would let you know about a great course taking place at Create a Better Creative Business.  Timothy Adam, founder of Handmadeology and long time customer of IndieMade, has teamed up with Lisa Jacobs of Marketing Creativity to deliver an incredible training program for handmade artists and Etsy sellers.  We've profiled Tim (and how prolific he is) on our blog  - he continues to inspire me personally. Blogging Tips for Artists - Image of Spoon Jewelry Designs

Blogging Tips for Indie Artists

Can a blog boost online sales for indie artists? Recent research has shown that maintaining a blog is an effective way for indie business owners to market their art or crafts online and increase sales. Blogging for beginners can be overwhelming, but following a few essential blogging tips and best practices sets the stage for blogging success.


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