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I wanted to share some slides from a presentation I gave for Paul Klein's art business video classes.


  • Anatomy of a Website
  • Considerations
  • Website Content
  • Good Website Design
  • An Artist’s Website Home
  • Content Management Systems
  • Features for Your Website
  • Options for Website Publishing

Your Website

  • isn’t about you- a good website caters to its audience.  It is about you - the brand.  Your brand is what distinguishes you and connects you to your audience. Your identity.
  • should be on your domain name
  • will never be done – work in progress, adjusted to your current needs.
  • needs text.

 Consider your goals for having a website.

  • To showcase your work?
  • To find an audience?
  • To provide information?
  • Sell your work from your website?
  • To find a job in the arts?
  • To what end?

Think about your website's audience(s)

  • Who might hire you?
  • Who buys your work?
  • Who shows your work?
  • Who might buy or show your work?
  • Consider demographics
  • Why does/could your work appeal to them?

What is "Website Content?"

Anything (text,images, video, audio) that tells your story, describes what you do and posted on your website.

Guess What? You Have Ready Made Content

  • Images of Your Work
  • Credentials, Bio and Affiliations
  • Artist Statement
  • Upcoming Events
  • Press Clippings
  • Reviews
  • Other Media to Consider
  • Audio / Video
  • Headshot
  • Event Photography

Start your website now, add your content and edit as you learn more.Add your content now, edit as you move forward.

Website Design Tips

  • Be un-clever (don’t over think it)
  • Your website is not your artwork
  • Design should not compete with the artwork
  • No involuntary audio
  • No information overload
  • Neutral background
  • Cohesive layout
  • Makes good use of screen space
  • Consistent navigation
  • Portfolio slideshow
  • Easy access to information
  • Should be speedy

PORTRAIT OF A HOMELESS ARTIST - See slides for graphic

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ARTIST WITH WEBSITE HOME - See slides for graphic

What features do you need to achieve your goals?

  • Portfolio – showcases your range of works in a number of galleries
  • Blog – a place to share information and content to bring traffic to your site
  • Store – if you sell your work, do it on your own website
  • News or Press – share simple news or press clippings
  • Calendar – capture your gallery shows or events in which you participate
  • Easy navigation for users and search engines
  • Search Engine Optimized (SEO)
  • Social Integration and Amplification – one step sharing on social platforms for you and your visitors
  • Integrated Google Analytics – to find out if you are achieving your goals
  • Easy Editing Tools – to add, edit, update, change anything - including design

What is a Content Management System?

A content management system (cms) is a software platform (web application) that allows a non-technical entrepreneur create, add content, edit and manage a website of their own.  

IndieMade is a website content management system for artists and micro entrepreneurs.

Your Website is Your Home but It's Set Up for Socializing!

All of your content should be at home on your website.  Having your content in one place is easier on your audience, helps with SEO and building an online presence for your brand.  Today the technology is available with easy-to-use management tools so even those new to web software can construct a website of his/her own.

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