Artist Blog Tips: Sticking to a Steady Blogging Schedule

Maintaining a steady artist blog is a fantastic way to create a dialogue between yourself and your customer. There are many elements to building your empire, and one of the most important is maintaining open communication with your potential buyers.  Communication is the most important ingredient in any relationship and this is just as true for your customers, even if you don’t know 99% of their names! 

You might think that just because you have a craft blog, you're keeping the communication lines open. But if you only have one lonely blog post, if your artist blog hasn’t been updated in three months, or if your posts have suddenly become more focused on your child’s artistic abilities than your craft, you are not communicating with your customers.  That’s not to say that readers won’t find your child’s MOMA-worthy paintings interesting — it just means that your craft blog readers and your customers could be completely different people. Don’t leave your customers out in the cold!

There are lots of different reasons not to blog regularly or to write off-topic posts in your craft blog. Below, you’ll find some of the best ways to keep your readers coming back for sneak peeks, secret sales, and tidbits of your life:

  • Contain your off-topic posts by sticking to a weekly regimen.  You don’t have to create a different topic for every day of the week.  Try starting with one, two, or three posts per week.
  • Blog in advance.  Write multiple craft  blog posts at once, save them, and post them throughout the week.  You can also schedule your posts to post automatically. 
  • Map out your ideas using a weekly template or calendar.  Schedule craft blog posts for holidays, sales, craft shows, and other special events.
  • Encourage readers to comment on your posts by asking questions. 
  • Great photographs can really get you over a bout of writer’s block!
  • Behind the scenes and sneak peeks are a great way to titillate the audience of your artist blog.
  • Choose weekly or monthly themes and announce them when they change.
  • Discuss some obstacles, failures, and successes.  
  • Dedicate a few posts to crafters who inspire you.  Including links can create a nice side effect — you may get readers from the sites to which you’ve linked!
  • Keep going!  The most important secret is just to get to it and keep blogging.  The more you write in your craft blog, the more you’ll enjoy the process.
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