Organizational Tips for the Crafter

I’m not sure about the rest of you, but the more that I get inside my creative little head, the more my workspace becomes a mess!  There is something about that right-brain creativity and organization that don’t always go hand and hand. 

We right-brainers tend to be very visual.  If we don’t see it when we are creating, we might as well not even own it.  I can’t tell you how many times that I have bought things two and three times over, only to find out that I already had it sitting in a creative pile on the other side of the room. 

If you can get a handle on what kind of organizer you are, then you will be able to craft the best organization efforts for your space. Left-brainers love lists, words and keeping things out of sight, while we right-brainers tend to be more visual. We like lots of images and things that are right in our face so we can find them. 

Are you getting an idea of where you may fall here?  If you do, great!  Now we can get started on some great tips on how to maximize your natural tendencies while keeping up with your creative space. (Looking for more ideas on how to design your workspace? Check out this IndieMade resource article on creating a creative workspace, or this IndieMade resource article on studio storage solutions.)

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Since I am visual, I just love to find inspiration on my favorite site, Pinterest.  Here are some Pinteresting ideas on how you can organize and visually love your space again, no matter which side of the brain you are crafting from. 

Having a harmonious space lends itself to creativity.  There are lots of little things you can do to hide clutter and cover up unsightly, but necessary, crafting tools. 

Pretty Up Your Cords and Wires

Jute rope cord   Friendship cords

Left: Jute rope cord cover tutorial by The Vow. Right: Friendship cords by Brit Co.

DIY Supply Containers

Simple Dipped Cans   DIY storage boxes

Left: Why not use simple dipped cans for brushes, scissor or pencil organization for those right-brain organizers? Pinned by Right: Make some DIY storage boxes like Annika Backstrom's for those left-brain organizers that don’t want to see everything.

Spice jars   Paper scraps jar

Left: These adorable Anthropologie spice jars appeal to both left-brained and right-brained crafters. Use them for pushpins, buttons, tacks, needles, safety pins or any other small item that you might create projects with. Now you can hide them away in style. Right: Try this DIY idea using paper scraps, posted by Design Sponge.

DIY thread holder      Rustic wall bin for yarn

Left: Sewers, make your own DIY thread holder like this one by U-Create Crafts. Right: Knitters, you can store your yarn away in something like this rustic wall mount by Remodelaholic.

Cross stitch desk accessories  

Left: Any crafter can find tons of uses for these adorable cross-stitch DIY desk accessories by Camille Styles.  Think wastebaskets that can hold fabric or rolls of craft paper.  This sweet idea would work on all of your desk or crafting accessories that contain a metal grid.  You can even revamp cheap dollar store business card holders.  I’m in love with this!Right: Create an adorable paper station, if you happen to craft with rolls of it, from a repurposed stool turned upside down, by diy-craft

Display Your Inspiration

Fabric covered Ikea corkboards

Use clever ways to display your inspiration like these fabric covered corkboards by Muy Ingenioso.


Decorative tacks   Washi tape clothespins

Left: How About Orange will show you how to make these adorable fabric cover tacks to post inspirational images in your work space. Right: Perhaps you'd like more of a visual garland using washi covered clothespins, from The Sassy Life.

Turn Repurposed Items Into Wall Storage

Finally, I will leave you with some very creative ideas for repurposing drawers and crates to stash away all your crafting goodies using up great unused wall space.

Fabric backed crates    Drawers used as shelves

Left: Fabric backed crates by Family Living. Right: Drawers as shelves posted by Shelterness.

 Modular storage system 

Lastly, this amazing modular design crush posted by Décor8 will give you tons of inspiration!

I hope all these visual ideas helped my right brain peeps and I certainly hope I dished out enough eye candy to give my left-brainers tons of inspiration too. 

For my organization ideas, follow me on Pinterest. Happy organizing!

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