Creative Marketing

Marketing for artists has become faster and easier than ever. Free sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest allow makers to share their work with the world and put their products in front of as many potential customers as possible. Our section on marketing for artists will show you how to get the most out of online marketing opportunities without feeling like a sleazy used-car salesman.

Holiday Gifts

Handmade Holidays: Creating the Ultimate Gift Guide

Everyone wants to give their friends and family members the perfect gift during the holidays but the number of choices on the internet can be overwhelming. That's why many consumers click on holiday gift guides from major retailers, online magazines and blogs. A great guide helps narrow down the choices and helps gift buyers locate that perfect item with just a few clicks. Want to be this year's secret Santa? Just follow this steps for creating your own ultimate, holiday gift guide.
Get tips on how your display at a craft show can support your online store.

5 Ways to Use Your Online Store at a Craft Show

Making the most out of opportunity is one of the cornerstones of being a small business owner. When time and budgets are tight, every minute counts. Getting on the craft show circuit is a great way to spread brand awareness about your craft business, but with a lot of time and energy being spent on production and preparation, it’s essential to be deliberate about what you want to gain from each show. Gaining a customer following at shows is great, but the key is to convert them into online shoppers.

Heidi Kingman's handwrought jewelry is available online.

How One Artist Uses Ecommerce as Her Main Selling Channel

In Heidi Kingman's own words, "Who says upscale jewelry has to be stuffy and sedate?" Kingman's handwrought jewelry pairs edgy with elegant and rustic with refined, a reflection of her dichotomous, creative soul--a polished attorney struggling to keep her sassy ingenuity in check. Learn more about how this artist finds work/life balance, and an outlet in her creative expression.


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