Back To School Products Aren't Just for Kids!

Back-to-School time is a time for new clothes, fresh crayons and backpacks that express our latest interest and it doesn't matter if you're 5 or 50! Most of us grew up with the back-to-school routine, so we're programmed to think of school supplies in September like we think about costumes in October. Because of this, every major retailer is rolling out a large supply of traditional back-to-school supplies and lowering prices at the same time.

So even if you don't have kids to shop for, it's still a great time to get super deals on school supplies that you can use in your home business. Here are our 5 favorite, must-have items:

One Subject Notebooks

You’ll find these handy notebooks for .25 cents at Staples. Grab 12 then use one each month to collect all those brilliant ideas that pop up while you’re working on something else. Digital to do lists and capture tools are fine but nothing beats writing thoughts down on paper with your own hand.


Sticky Notes

Sticky Notes are one of man's greatest inventions and they're not just for sticking reminders to your monitor frame. Pick up a variety of sizes and colors to use as book flags, as placeholders in your calendar (I write recurring events on mine such as billing dates then move them from month to month rather than rewrite the same notation over and over again.) or as quick thank you notes inside of a package. Larger sticky notes can take the place of index cards if you're planning a large event or writing a book. Stick them to a piece of foam core then move them around to your hearts content.

Dorm Storage

Stores like Ikea, Walmart and Target have dedicated entire sections of their stores to dorm room neccessities. Look for rolling carts, carry totes, storage items that convert into tables or chairs (great for small spaces) and a variety of sturdy boxes and organizers. Choose a variety of colors to add a touch of whimsy to your workroom.

A Good Backpack

Backpacks aren’t just for hikers and school kids; they’re the ultimate tote bag for anytime you need your hands free or just want to get a lot of stuff from here to there. Fill one with everything you need for the craft fair and another to take on trips to the thrift store (flashlight, measuring tape, extra batteries). A backpack also makes a super first aid kit and we all need at least one of these.

A plain canvas bag will work for all occasions but don’t dismiss those character bags for kids. If it makes you smile, then it’s worth having.

A Planner

Planners come out in January and July so make sure the one you’re picking up rounds the corner and includes 2019. Check out both vertical and horizontal planners; and weekly vs daily. Vertical planners are big with the decorating set but they don’t give you much room to write. If your days are really busy, consider a daily planner where each page is a single day. Target has an excellent line from Day Designer that maxes out at $25. Or you can go wild and buy the Prada of planners; a custom job from Erin Condren.


Now, it’s time to go shopping. You can get deals online but to get the deepest discounts, you’re going to have to step into a real store. Target, Staples, Walmart – they may be crowded but it’s worth dodging kids with lists because in two weeks, these deals will be all gone. Don’t miss out. Go back-to-school for your office today.  

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